Sunday, December 11, 2011

My new Pedestal....I'm in love!

Before I joined the world of blogging I never had any pedestals...or thought much of them for that matter! Now I have seen so many pretty pedestals and neat ideas for making pedestals that I am loving the whole pedestal thing. I have used cake plates and I recently bought a metal pedestal that I painted white...but I wanted something more. I had seen this pedestal on a blog...I can't remember which one...but it was the second time I saw it and I loved it. I was on the look out for one...they were made by Southern Living...which is now Willow house, either way it was a retired piece. So to ebay I went...and found a couple. They were priced kind of high but one was not too bad. I bid on it in the last 8 seconds and won! I am loving it...and so happy that I got it! I just say it's an early Christmas present ;)

I got another pretty find from Willow House, it's in my dining room and I will be sharing that soon!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas at night in the Living room

These last two weeks have kept me busy with Christmas shopping and Christmas decorating along with other things, and so I have not posted anything. I have been doing a lot of decorating but nothing was getting finished, it seems like I start on 3 rooms at once and then it takes me forever to get them all done. So I think I finally have the living room area done and wanted to share some pics of it at night time. That is my favorite time to sit on the couch, with all the Christmas lights lit and the candles looks so pretty and magical! For Christmas I have always loved to decorate with reds, greens, golds and silvers. I prefer the classic/traditional Christmas look...even though I love the natural look at Christmas time, I just can't go without my red and green!  What are your favorite colors to use at Christmas time?

All of our stockings are hung with care in hopes that St. Nick will put presents there. I don't have a fireplace to hang them by so they hang on the staircase. I got these at Pottery Barn a couple years back, and added the babies last year when we found out it was going to be a boy. 
 The entryway. My new red and white checked rug that I picked up at Ikea last weekend. I love it for Christmas time!
 Don't mind the top of the baby swing has been bumped into the hallway since putting the tree up...that is how small the living room is!
 My entry hall table. I love these topiaries. I got them years ago in Germany and just added the lights today. It makes such a difference to them and adds lots more light to the hall way. The table and mirror are from JCPenny years back. I love how the tree can be seen in the mirror.
 This is my Ski coat rack. I picked this up at a flea market in Germany when we first moved there. They are red so I could not pass them up and I love how they were re purposed.
 Some German ornaments adorn the banister.
 More mirrors to reflect all the pretty lights
 The front porch getting decorated and a glimpse of the tree for passersby.
 Our house...can you spy someone in my window?? The hubby was still hanging some lights on the roof!
 I moved the picture that was hanging over the couch and put up this mirror that used to hang in my bedroom. It reflects the tree and candles so beautifully! It adds more depth to the room and is a great place to hang the new "believe" banner I made. I really like having the mirror there!
 This is a hand blown glass ball luminary.  It is from Czechoslovakia where they sell so many beautiful ornaments like this! It has a snowy village church on it that is hand painted. By far one of my favorite decorations. It did loose a little crescent shaped piece out of it when we moved stateside from Germany, but I am just glad it was still intact!

 Another mirror shot.
 A shot of the room...with my hubby on the couch...I was only able to kick him out of the room for so long.
 The tree! I love Sitting and looking at the tree.
 Candle light adds a nice warm glow to the room...and they smell nice too :)

 There is even a nice reflection on the TV.
 I hang up this wreath each year and this year I made the JOY banner to add to it.

That is the night tour of my living room @ Christmas time. Stay tuned for the dinning room tour coming soon! 
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