Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thrift store Treasures

 I don't know about you but I know I always love a trip to a good thrift mall, you never know what kind of surprises or disappointments await you lol. Yesterday the family and I headed out to one of the larger thrift malls in our area to see if we could find anything worth while, I happily found a couple of things that made it worth my while. I wanted to share them with you all...I always love to see the neat things people can find for a good deal. 
I have yet to clean up any of my Christmas Decor....I am probably one of the last people in blog land to still have it up! I suppose I will get around to it sometime this week...it just looks so pretty at night that I hate to get rid of all the lights.  So you will see it yet again in these pics...sorry! 

First find is this new lamp with the Harlequin lamp shade. I believe it is originally from kirklands...$13.00 and I love it!
I am not sure if I will leave it on that side of the buffet but I guess I will figure that all out when I take all the Christmas stuff down and re arrange it. 
This here is an Angel that seems to be made of straw like fiber. I really liked the natural look of her and she reminds me of Holiday decorations from Germany. She was all of .13 cents!
My next find was this set of 4 placements. They are reversible and I love red and white checks so these made me very happy! Total for the 4 was $3.00...I think the trees are so cute for Christmas time!
I will use them on the plain checked side any time of year. I don't know if it's strange that these things make me so giddy and happy....but they do lol.
Mr. Santa...I thought he was so neat...different, with a bit of folk art look to him. His arms move and he has the same image on the other side. He was .25 cents I can't wait to clean him up and use him next year!
Lastly I picked up this silver tray. I thought about using it in my bathroom to put some of my glass jars on but I also really like it in the dinning room. We shall see where it ends up. It has some nice etching on it, but it's hard to make out in the pics. This was $3.00
 Those were my Thrift mall scores...hope you enjoyed them as much as I do! This next picture was a gift from my hubby. It is a small French ceramic jug. It came from an old French Restaurant in France and was used to hold aged apple cider that came from the Normandy region. It's a neat little piece to have...I will be sure to find a good home for it.
Here are some shots of the Dinning room at night with the glow of candles and my new lamp. The lamp really gives off a nice soft amber glow...I like it., just what I needed in there. 
I love lighting the candles at night, the lantern is my favorite one...$16.00 not too shabby.
I put the silver tray on the buffet....maybe I will keep it there with some candles in front of it to reflect the light. 
 Well that is it folks! Hope you made it through all the pics...and if you did thanks for sticking around. What have you found lately that was a bargain or made ya get all giddy?? 

Have a good one,
Till next time,


  1. I just love all of your new purchases! I especially like those cute placemats. That was a smart idea to use the reverse side when it's not Christmas. The picture with the lantern and candles lit on the table looks so pretty! I know you will get alot of enjoyment out of your new things. That lamp looks perfect in there too.

  2. You got such great purchases. They are so wonderful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with husband and family.

    I am having my third giveaway coming soon!


  3. Thanks Kelly @Coastal Cottage Dreams...I always have fun at places like that....thankfully the rest of my family does too!
    I will be on the lookout for your giveaway. I have one that I am going to post as well!
    Hope you'll check it out!
    All the best,
    Rachel :)

  4. Hi Rachel,

    What great finds...your Christmas decor is still lovely!
    Glad to hear everyone is feeling better!
    All the Best,

  5. great photos ..some real cool decor there. I love that pears picture so much

    - KAT -

  6. You really did hit the jackpot. Love the lamp and all of your finds. The silver tray is a jewel also. Love your decor, everything looks so pretty. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love that sweet angel and the lantern, too! Lots of great finds and you put things together so well! ♥

  8. Very pretty, Rachel! You are not alone ~ I still have to put my Christmas stuff away, too! I have a lamp very similar to the one you found. Nice finds!

  9. beautiful decor and photography! And great finds! I can't believe you scored that Santa for $0.25! WOW! Where did you go?!?!?!?

  10. Love the ceramic jug... What a gorgeous find !!

  11. First visit, love your blog. I bought 6 of those red lanterns for my party every Oct. I do a cook out and all the Artists of St Geo come. Come by and visit, better yet become a follower.