Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hot pink Bedroom! My daughters bedroom project

Do you ever feel like you have so many decorating projects going on at once that you get scatterbrained?? Well that is how I feel right now! I have so many little things here and there that I want to get done that I am having a hard time doing any of them. I keep a mental check list but I am starting to think I need to make a real check list so I have a visual of all the projects I want to do. Anyway here is a glimpse at one of my on going projects that has taken me entirely too long just to get it to the point that it's at now! My eldest daughters room. We started working on it last year, and then it came to a stand still. Being pregnant at the time not much seemed to get done around here, so now I am making up for about 7 months of doing nothing! LOL...oh well. Here are some pics of her room now.

This is a mirror I bought at Gina's Junk last year for around $28.00 It's hard to see all the detail in it because it was dark out when I took the pics, but it's a great mirror!
I got this lamp on sale at TJ was the only one there and it just so happened to have an A on it. My daughters name is Autumn so it was perfect! 
Here is a little someone who loves to go in her sisters room...
The Chandy is from Lowes...I loved it, perfect fit for her room! I will have to get a better pic of it when it's light out.
So that is Autumn's room as of now. There are still some more little things here and there I want to add to it. Who knows when that will happen...but when it does I will be sure to share it with you all! 
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  1. Really love this. The rug is awesome! Reminds me of my daughters room you can see here;

    Our daughters have such similar taste!

  2. I wish my room looked as cool as that when I was a kid! I totally need to work on my daughter's room....I use the excuse that "we are moving soon" to not decorate. I LOVE how you make your house a home, especially living on base!

  3. Love it! The black really adds a wow factor, doesn't it? I love the picture of the little someone best. It's so magical to have an older sister, especially when her room is as beautiful and fun as hers! xo Lidy

  4. Thanks Jillybean :) She loves pink!

    @ FrenchGardenHouse Thank you, I know my little one loves to be in her Big sisters room...not so sure the Big sister loves it though ;)

    Thank you for leaving me lovely comments, I enjoy reading them so much!

    All the best,

  5. Don't know how you have time to keep such a pretty home AND have four kids. Very nice!

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Great bedroom!
    What a happy place...
    The rug is too cool!
    All the Best,

  7. wowsa! She must love it! This is great!

  8. Now this is Hot hot hot! WOW, girls really have it made growing up these days, they get the COOLest bedrooms. My boys rooms are BORING. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh now this is awesome!!! Love every single thing about it...that rug, lamp, PINK!!!
    My daughter's room is pink and brown. She just turned 3, I think when daddy gets home from deployment it will be time to upgrade her to a "big girl" room.
    This is great inspiration, thank you for sharing!

  10. This is so sweet ... I love that little silhouette, It fits in perfect. my youngest daughter would love the rug.

  11. That is super awesome i wish my room was like that

  12. That is super awesome i wish my room was like that

  13. That is super awesome i wish my room was like that