Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some weekend Shopping

As Thanksgiving approaches it becomes crunch time for me to figure out what I am doing for Thanksgiving! I know I know...I should already have all that figured out, but I am a last minute kind of person. So I was running around looking for some things to use for my table setting. I hit up Hobby Lobby...which was packed with people who were snatching up Christmas decor...but  no one was in the tiny aisle of fall decor. I might add that the fall decor was 80% OFF!! I was kinda bummed that there was such a little bit of fall decor left, but thrilled that no one else was even looking at it. So I grabbed up a bunch of pumpkins, gourds, candles, and whatever else I could find. I also picked up some burlap fabric and muslin for table runners that I am in the process of making. When I have them both done I will show them to you!

My next trip took me to one of my Favorite Junk shops here in town. I picked up a couple of things there...I always find so many neat things that I would love to bring home with me. I picked out a small white pitcher, I plan on using that for Thanksgiving. Then I found a small bundle of Peacock feathers...actually my daughter found them..for a dollar...those will be on my table this week as well!

My favorite thing though was a large metal tray with two sweet bunny rabbits on it. I LOVE it for spring time and Easter, for $5.00 I had to have it!
  Last of all I had to run into Walmart to grab some bread and while I was there I figured I would take a gander at some home stuff. I was grabbing some candles when my hubby came to me with a box that had salt and pepper shakers in it. They were little brown acorns. I had told him that I had wanted to find little turkey salt and pepper shakers so he was looking for me. They didn't have any...neither did anywhere else I had looked, but when he saw the acorn ones he knew I would like them, and I did :) 
On the way to the check out aisles I took a detour at the kitchen section and found all their fall dishes from Better Homes and Gardens were on sale. I found a Turkey platter and some plates that I really liked....grabbed them up!
These are napkin rings that I found as well...everything was marked down!
I could have grabbed up all the cute pumpkin dishes they had too....but I thought it best not too.  Now I am excited about putting together my table for Thanksgiving. I still have one more table runner to make, then I can start playing with all my goodies to see how I like them most!

I hope you all had a good weekend...I know I am looking forward to this week. I love Thanksgiving and I am also excited to break out the Christmas decor shortly there after!

Wish you all a happy week with family and friends,


  1. Hi Rachel,

    Wow, you found some great fall decor!
    Great when the whole family is in on the hunt...
    Your table is going to look beautiful!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family this week.
    All the Best,

  2. @ Daffodil Hill, Thanks! I am glad my hubby spotted them :)

  3. You found some great fall stuff. Those plates are awesome and the cute little acorns!