Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I wanted to share a quick post with you of my Thanksgiving table. My family and I had a really nice Thanksgiving together and even though we are not near the rest of my family we were able to have some Skype time with them. We also got to set up the Christmas tree..minus the decorations, I still need to pull them all out! Now I am so ready to go to bed but I wanted to get this post up before I crashed. So here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving!
I made the table runners last minute out of burlap and muslin.
I painted my little orange pumpkins a gray blue color to match the big pumpkin better and then painted the letters on them followed by some wax.
The white pedestal below is another project I just did. The pedestal was a silver aluminum so I painted it with ASCP in old white followed by some brown glaze. I love it now! The lanterns are a new purchase from Willow house..I really like those too.
Here is my thrifty find pitcher and feathers. My Grandmother loved peacock feathers, they were always scattered about her this a little reminder of her :)
I painted the white pumpkin with more ASCP and added glaze to that as well. Not bad for a buck! 
Here we all are...there is always someone who has to make a silly face, it wouldn't be a family pic without it! 
Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours~


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some weekend Shopping

As Thanksgiving approaches it becomes crunch time for me to figure out what I am doing for Thanksgiving! I know I know...I should already have all that figured out, but I am a last minute kind of person. So I was running around looking for some things to use for my table setting. I hit up Hobby Lobby...which was packed with people who were snatching up Christmas decor...but  no one was in the tiny aisle of fall decor. I might add that the fall decor was 80% OFF!! I was kinda bummed that there was such a little bit of fall decor left, but thrilled that no one else was even looking at it. So I grabbed up a bunch of pumpkins, gourds, candles, and whatever else I could find. I also picked up some burlap fabric and muslin for table runners that I am in the process of making. When I have them both done I will show them to you!

My next trip took me to one of my Favorite Junk shops here in town. I picked up a couple of things there...I always find so many neat things that I would love to bring home with me. I picked out a small white pitcher, I plan on using that for Thanksgiving. Then I found a small bundle of Peacock feathers...actually my daughter found them..for a dollar...those will be on my table this week as well!

My favorite thing though was a large metal tray with two sweet bunny rabbits on it. I LOVE it for spring time and Easter, for $5.00 I had to have it!
  Last of all I had to run into Walmart to grab some bread and while I was there I figured I would take a gander at some home stuff. I was grabbing some candles when my hubby came to me with a box that had salt and pepper shakers in it. They were little brown acorns. I had told him that I had wanted to find little turkey salt and pepper shakers so he was looking for me. They didn't have any...neither did anywhere else I had looked, but when he saw the acorn ones he knew I would like them, and I did :) 
On the way to the check out aisles I took a detour at the kitchen section and found all their fall dishes from Better Homes and Gardens were on sale. I found a Turkey platter and some plates that I really liked....grabbed them up!
These are napkin rings that I found as well...everything was marked down!
I could have grabbed up all the cute pumpkin dishes they had too....but I thought it best not too.  Now I am excited about putting together my table for Thanksgiving. I still have one more table runner to make, then I can start playing with all my goodies to see how I like them most!

I hope you all had a good weekend...I know I am looking forward to this week. I love Thanksgiving and I am also excited to break out the Christmas decor shortly there after!

Wish you all a happy week with family and friends,

Friday, November 18, 2011

6 months old

Today my little man Cullen turned 6 months old! I love spending everyday with him...he can always bring a smile to my face :)  The time goes by so fast when they are little, and it seems to go by faster with each child I have. He is our last baby so I am trying to enjoy it all while I can, before I know it he will be a big boy! Just wanted to share some recent pics of him. He is a little love bug, so happy and smiley. Cullen is such a joy to our family. We weren't expecting to have another baby when he came along, now I can't imagine a life without him.
Love You Cullen!! 
Thanks for Stopping on over!
Hope you all have a great weekend,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hot pink Bedroom! My daughters bedroom project

Do you ever feel like you have so many decorating projects going on at once that you get scatterbrained?? Well that is how I feel right now! I have so many little things here and there that I want to get done that I am having a hard time doing any of them. I keep a mental check list but I am starting to think I need to make a real check list so I have a visual of all the projects I want to do. Anyway here is a glimpse at one of my on going projects that has taken me entirely too long just to get it to the point that it's at now! My eldest daughters room. We started working on it last year, and then it came to a stand still. Being pregnant at the time not much seemed to get done around here, so now I am making up for about 7 months of doing nothing! LOL...oh well. Here are some pics of her room now.

This is a mirror I bought at Gina's Junk last year for around $28.00 It's hard to see all the detail in it because it was dark out when I took the pics, but it's a great mirror!
I got this lamp on sale at TJ was the only one there and it just so happened to have an A on it. My daughters name is Autumn so it was perfect! 
Here is a little someone who loves to go in her sisters room...
The Chandy is from Lowes...I loved it, perfect fit for her room! I will have to get a better pic of it when it's light out.
So that is Autumn's room as of now. There are still some more little things here and there I want to add to it. Who knows when that will happen...but when it does I will be sure to share it with you all! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Till next time,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new goodie

I have seen many kitchen scales throughout blog land and the more I saw them the more I realized I had to have one! I was on the look out for one whenever I would hit up antique/thrift/junk shops...but I never had any luck. So one night I was telling my Hubby about it. I showed him Michele's blog Dreaming of a farmhouse and her post about her vintage scales. I loved her red scale and told him how I wish I could find a cool scale to use in our kitchen. Well when ever I tell my hubby that I want something but can't find it he always goes right to work looking for it online until he finds it....and finds it at a good price! So sure enough he starts pulling up vintage scales online and asking me what I was looking for...I told him I wanted something aged, chippy, and preferably a cool color. Low and behold this is what he found!!
I love it so much! The color is perfect...better then I had hoped for. The dial is pretty worn but I don't mind, I like it. The price was also oh so nice.....$15.00!
 I am sure this scale will be used in many ways, but for now this is where she resides. I am so happy to have my own vintage scale, and thankful to my Love for finding it for me :) 

Till next time

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My week in a nut shell

I just saw that I made it to 50 followers! Might not a big deal to all you big bloggers out there but it's half way to 100 and that is a big deal to me! Thanks to all of you for following along with means a lot to me and I love reading all your comments :)  Now lets see if I can make it to 100!
I haven't posted anything since Halloween, maybe because not much has been going on...(one kid with an ear infection another child throwing up,soccer games,hitting up after Halloween sales,taking down all the Halloween decorations,and all the regular day to day stuff!) at least not anything that I think would interest people ha! I did hit up one of my favorite shopping spots and found a couple things to bring home with me (I usually have a harder time NOT bringing home things so I was good and only picked 3 things!). I threw in a couple pictures of my kitchen...I don't think I have ever really shown my kitchen. I would say it's still a work in progress, but I guess the whole house is always a work in progress. There is always something to change or would get boring if everything stayed the same all the time!

Here is a picture that caught my eye..I love pigs and sheep...and well any farm animal it seems. I also love England and the maps on this are places in for $4.88 it came home with me.

Then I found this old Spool...I love things that are made of wood, especially if it is old and worn looking. I have seen these and always want to buy one but never did. $3.00 bought me this one.

Last but not least I had seen this wooden tool box a couple weeks ago when I went to this store and didn't buy it. I believe it was around $10.00 when I first saw it. I was excited to see it was still there and it was marked down to $6.88!! Needless to say I didn't hesitate on that purchase ;) I love the color blue it's painted and the detail of the handle. I also think adding the chalk board surface to it was a cool idea!

Here is how I used the tool box...I filled it up with some dry lavender and added some faux hydrangeas, pears, some real pine cones and cinnamon sticks. I put some burlap in there as well.

 These are some shots of my kitchen.
 I just made this valance this week. I used some Muslin fabric and acrylic paint. It took about 30 min and cost less then $4.00! I am really happy with the look of it. We also added the shutters shortly after we moved here. They were pre-cut ones sold as a set at Lowes. I have always wanted plantation shutters and decided that living in military housing wasn't going to stop me!  :)
 This is the chalk board I made a while back you can see the before pic here. My kids love to draw on it!
 Another shot of the kitchen. I painted the dinning room but never made it into the kitchen.
 We added undermount cabinet lights from Ikea. I love them!! They add so much light to your work space and because they are plug in's I can take them with me when we move!

 That was a little tour of my Cucina! Hope ya liked it :)
On another note I did have a chance to meet a fellow blog friend! Alison over at Classy Columbus Designs was so sweet and sent me an invite to her home for a girls nite. I really enjoyed meeting her and her friends, it was so nice to get out of the house without the kids! Alison has a lovely home and is very talented at decorating and crafting! You can check out her blog here .

I think that is all for this past week...I have some more crafting that I will be doing this week and hopefully getting the house back on order after Halloween! Hope you all have a great week!