Sunday, November 6, 2011

My week in a nut shell

I just saw that I made it to 50 followers! Might not a big deal to all you big bloggers out there but it's half way to 100 and that is a big deal to me! Thanks to all of you for following along with means a lot to me and I love reading all your comments :)  Now lets see if I can make it to 100!
I haven't posted anything since Halloween, maybe because not much has been going on...(one kid with an ear infection another child throwing up,soccer games,hitting up after Halloween sales,taking down all the Halloween decorations,and all the regular day to day stuff!) at least not anything that I think would interest people ha! I did hit up one of my favorite shopping spots and found a couple things to bring home with me (I usually have a harder time NOT bringing home things so I was good and only picked 3 things!). I threw in a couple pictures of my kitchen...I don't think I have ever really shown my kitchen. I would say it's still a work in progress, but I guess the whole house is always a work in progress. There is always something to change or would get boring if everything stayed the same all the time!

Here is a picture that caught my eye..I love pigs and sheep...and well any farm animal it seems. I also love England and the maps on this are places in for $4.88 it came home with me.

Then I found this old Spool...I love things that are made of wood, especially if it is old and worn looking. I have seen these and always want to buy one but never did. $3.00 bought me this one.

Last but not least I had seen this wooden tool box a couple weeks ago when I went to this store and didn't buy it. I believe it was around $10.00 when I first saw it. I was excited to see it was still there and it was marked down to $6.88!! Needless to say I didn't hesitate on that purchase ;) I love the color blue it's painted and the detail of the handle. I also think adding the chalk board surface to it was a cool idea!

Here is how I used the tool box...I filled it up with some dry lavender and added some faux hydrangeas, pears, some real pine cones and cinnamon sticks. I put some burlap in there as well.

 These are some shots of my kitchen.
 I just made this valance this week. I used some Muslin fabric and acrylic paint. It took about 30 min and cost less then $4.00! I am really happy with the look of it. We also added the shutters shortly after we moved here. They were pre-cut ones sold as a set at Lowes. I have always wanted plantation shutters and decided that living in military housing wasn't going to stop me!  :)
 This is the chalk board I made a while back you can see the before pic here. My kids love to draw on it!
 Another shot of the kitchen. I painted the dinning room but never made it into the kitchen.
 We added undermount cabinet lights from Ikea. I love them!! They add so much light to your work space and because they are plug in's I can take them with me when we move!

 That was a little tour of my Cucina! Hope ya liked it :)
On another note I did have a chance to meet a fellow blog friend! Alison over at Classy Columbus Designs was so sweet and sent me an invite to her home for a girls nite. I really enjoyed meeting her and her friends, it was so nice to get out of the house without the kids! Alison has a lovely home and is very talented at decorating and crafting! You can check out her blog here .

I think that is all for this past week...I have some more crafting that I will be doing this week and hopefully getting the house back on order after Halloween! Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Congrats on getting to 50 followers! I love your big chalkboard. Hope your kids are feeling better. I have all the halloween stuff put away and have my Christmas decorating about 1/2 done! I am covered with glitter but I love Christmas. Have a good week!

  2. What great finds! Where did you find them? I'm always looking for new fun thrift stores/flea markets.

  3. Hi Rachel, Congratulations on your 50 followers :) !

  4. Rachel,
    congrats on hitting 50! You found some great stuff! Your kitchen looks very cute! I was just visiting my friend Michele at
    dreaming of a farmhouse and saw that you were there, she and her husband are stationed at the same base as my son and they are both in Afganistan, have similar jobs but don't know each other! she lives on base also, think you guys have a lot in common! Thanks for visiting, I'll be back!

  5. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your sweet comment :)
    I really enjoy Michele's blog, it's always nice to come across other people who are living the military life. I saw that your son was serving overseas...I hope he returns home soon and safely! You had mentioned that he was stationed in England at one time...that would be a dream to me! Thanks for stopping by...I enjoy your comments.
    Have a great week,
    Rachel xoxo

  6. Cute finds!!! Your tool box looks so good how you have it decorated!

  7. Congrats on getting over 50 followers! I am a new follower to your blog!

  8. I love your little space its the cutest and the shutters well I'm still swooning!Happy 50 followers by the way!

  9. The box with the chalkboard front is so cute! What a great find!

    ~Coming to through Wow Us Weds. Congrats on reaching 50 Followers. Your newest one here!

  10. I love all of your new finds. I like what you did with the tool box caddy. That is so cute. Your valance and shutters look great on your kitchen window too. It adds the perfect touch.

  11. Well congratulations! I happen to think it is a VERY big deal, as I recall being there myself! Love your Harvest box, looks adorable. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  12. The tool box is wonderful! Your arrangement turned out so great! I love your huge chalkboard too. That is still on my to do list!

    Congrats on 50, I will sign up and become 55. You will be amazed how it will grow in a year. We all started at zero! It is fun to see it grow isn't it and think that someone actually reads, comments and follows! Keep it up.

  13. Congrats on reaching 55 now! I just became one of your newest followers. Love your tool box find. Your fall display is beautiful all tucked inside of it.

  14. Congrats on 50 followers! How exciting! I love all your finds and the chalk board is gorgeous! Thanx for coming to the party!

  15. Hi Rachel,

    I hope your family is starting to feel better...
    Your kitchen window looks great with the valance that you made!!
    Very cozy! Thanks for dropping in today!
    Have a great week!
    All the Best,

  16. Rachel, I should have come back and left a comment! I am already a follower - the purple kitchenaid!

  17. Oh my!! Your week seems as busy as mine. Guess.. kids do keep you busy... I've got two girlies.. 6 and 9.. and they are a handful. *sigh*.

    Anyway.. congrats on the 50!! Its an awesome feeling.. I Know.. I know!!

    Love the pics of your home.. and am looking forward to more!!

    Following you now.. and am hoping you'll pop by at Colours Dekor

  18. Sounds like a great week to me. Love your painting with the pig and sheep, how cute is that. Your box is wonderful and your display is so pretty, love the addition of the lavender and the hydrangeas, lovely vignette. Thanks tons for joining TTT and I am so happy to meet you. I just signed in to follow. Hugs, Marty

  19. Well you've been busy! I love those prints -- have never seen anything like them printed on maps like that -- very cute! Great idea on the IKEA lights -- don't you just love that place!?

  20. Hello, great post! Love the print! The toolbox is great with the chalkboard addition - love how you decorated it! All are great finds! Love IKEA! The lights are a great touch! Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  21. Congrats on the 64!! I am also quite new to blogging and get excited about each one!! Welcome to blogland and hope you have a great time here and meet loads of wonderful talented people!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  22. Your kitchen is lovely. Congratulations on 50, actually I'm follower #69.