Saturday, August 27, 2011

A quick project

Last weekend I went out and bought some chalkboard paint for the first time. I had found this large floor mirror that the mirror had been busted out of. It was at the Hobby Lobby for 20$. So I thought I could make a chalkboard out of it. I had my hubby pick it up for me and bring it home. I painted the fiber board piece with the chalkboard paint, and it came out pretty good....I just don't have a finished pic yet.(Sorry about the messy garage in the background)....Anyway I wanted to use the paint on something else, so I got my Sugar and flour canisters and decided to try it on those. They had a picture on them that I never liked, so I always kept it facing the wall...I figured I would just paint over that, and that's what I did!

Here is the finished product....
I wrote the words in French, so it's Flour (farine), sugar(sucre) and brown sugar (cassonade). They look much better now...wish I had a before pic...forgot to take one.


  1. Wow! I love Hobby Lobby's clearance section but I have never found anything THAT great -- 20.00 for that mirror (even minus the mirror!) is a steal! Can't wait to see the finished project - great job on the canister set!

  2. Thank you Lauren :) I thought the mirror frame was a good deal too, couldn't pass it up!

  3. I love your canisters! I have a galvanized bucket with chalkboard paint area on it.....I just love it!

    I was originally from West Chester, PA....are you familiar with it?

  4. I am actually from West Chest pa! I lived there from the time I was 10 till I left and got married. All my family still live there though, so that is home to me :)

    I love the chalkboard paint, I have some more things I would like to try it out on!
    Thanks for stopping by :)