Friday, August 12, 2011

The little ones

I realized I have not posted anything about the newest addition to our family. Baby Cullen James was born on May 18th at 11:59 pm....daddy had said he would be born on the 18th and he made it by a minute...made me cry. ( cheesy but true lol ) He was a little guy at 6lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long. The smallest in weight out of all my children...I was surprised by that. He is now almost 3 months old and is such a good baby. He is smiling now and making little sweet. He is in his swing as I type this and he is doing his baby talk...always brings a smile to my face :) I noticed one of my last posts on here was when Cayla turned 3 months old...I can't believe she is now 2 and that I have another baby who is a couple days shy of 3 months....where does the time go!

Autumn just started the 4th grade, she really likes school and was so happy to go back. Jadon is going to be starting school this year as well, he will be in the Pre-kindergarten which is half days. I can't believe he will be in school...I don't think I am ready for him to leave me..but I know it will be good for him and hope that he enjoys it. He is excited about going and a little nervous. His teacher came to our house this week to get to know him better and he really enjoyed fingers crossed that all will go well on the first day of school.

That will leave me with my Cayla boo and Cully bug at home. I am sure they will keep me busy! I am hoping to have some time to start some new sewing projects and finish some old ones. I have some quilts I want to finish and get started....we shall see if that happens.


  1. Hi! Your baby is adorable. And your older children are so sweet too!
    My baby boy turned four months old today, and my oldest boy is two and a half.
    I love blogs of other stay-at-home moms as there are lots of things to learn from each other. And I love crafts projects, so I'm looking forward to seeing your quilts.
    Nice meeting you, and have a lovely week.


  2. Thank you for your comments about my children :) It's tricky having a two year old and a little I am sure you I hope to be able to find the time to work on my sewing and quilting. I just bought the backing needed to finish a four square wall hanging quilt I started years ago, I am excited about working on that. I love to get ideas from other blogs as well...there are so many creative and talented people out there. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, and nice to meet you as well :)