Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our time at home for Christmas.

We were home in Pennsylvania for Christmas this year. We had not been home in over a year, the longest we've been away. We all enjoyed our time there, even though it was very busy. We went into the city of Philadelphia a couple of times, those were the best times. We went to the museum of natural science, Autumn likes that one because of the Dinosaurs it has. We went to the Big Macy's store to see the light show, it was a beautiful store, I think it is over a hundred years old. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and walked so much, my feet were killing me! The next time we went down there we went to the mutter museum. It is a museum that is dedicated to the oddities of the medical world. It has centuries worth of weird medical stories and the real specimens that go along with them. From skulls to body parts lots of fetus's that never made it or huge growths from the intestines. It is pretty neat and odd. Autumn thought it was gross! After that we found this really neat Cafe, it was called the continental cafe. I wish I had my camera with me there it was so retro with the coolest furniture and those big wicker swings that are for one person per chair. They were only at the tables for two people. I loved the food, it was very organic and funky. I had a huge turkey burger with Portabella mushrooms and this yummy red pepper coulis (a creamy sauce). The guys did not dig it but us girls did! Autumn had her birthday party at my moms with all our family there, she enjoyed it. It was great to be home but nice to be back in our own house.


  1. That sounds awesome! I have never been to a Hard rock cafe in my life. And that other place sounds tasty!

  2. Yeah the other place was really cool I am sure you would have liked it. Thanks, not the best pic just the newest with my hair chopped off!