Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yeah Eagles!! I was so happy they won the game today. I hope they beat Arizona next week, I am thinking it might be a Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Well my ultra sound apt. went well. I am however less in weeks then the doc thought. It looks like I am only 16 weeks instead of 19 weeks, so it was not 100% what the babies sex was.....................but the ultrasound tech said it looks to him like it would be a girl!! I know it is going to be a girl I knew Jadon would be a boy and I just feel this one will be a girl. That is what me and Autumn are rooting for, Jose not so much. :( Autumn gets to be the Star student of the week so we have to take pics in of her life per say so people can get to know more about her, she is excited. Dinner was yummy tonight, of course the kids didn't want it though. We had sausage and cheese stuffed shells with yummy garlic green beans and garlic bread. Jose and I liked it, I guess you cant win them all. Well need to get the kids a bath. Bye :)

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