Thursday, September 24, 2009


  1. Hi Rachel,
    thank you for stopping over by my blog and leaving me such lovely comments!Nice to "meet" you!:)
    Your baby girl is gorgeous and so are your daughter Autumn and your son Jadon. You are a beautiful mom with a beautiful family! I'm sorry to hear that your handsome hubby is in Iraque and just hope that by now he's safe back at home with you and the kids or will be very soom!!!
    I see you lived in the warm South of Germany whereas I live up in the colder North. I was together with an American GI for 4 years in the 80ies and my daughter is half American, so I know a bit of Army life.
    Anyway you asked about my garden and roses. I can tell you that I wouldn't have had the time to keep up with my garden the way it is now while my daughter was still a kid, always too many other things to do for a fulltime working mother and I think for you with 3 kiddos it would be too much work as well. MY garden was more a kid friendly garden back then with no poison flowers like Foxgloves for example and of course everything a kid needs in the garden to play with. I started with only one flower bed back then and lot's of flowers growing in containers. I cannot imagine having a garden in a hot state like Texas either, the Eden roses for example need a lot of watering. Perhaps once you move away to another Ford and state in another climate you can start growing a cottage garden. You always have to see which flowers grow well in the climate of the place you live in.
    I see we have very different tastes in colors. I'm not such a big fan of bold colors like yellow, orange and red. I prefer white, blue, purple and pinkish flowers in my garden. My garden is just a small rowcottage garden and bold flowers make a small garden look even smaller and white and blueish and pastel colors makes it look wider, so that's another reason for me liking these colors better. Even in Autumn I prefer the white and cream colored pumpkins and the greenish ones to the orange ones.
    Well it was nice to read you today and I hope to "see" you again!
    Warmest wishes from Germany sends you Carola

  2. Hi Carola,
    Thank you for stopping by and writing me :) My hubby is home from Iraq now, and luckily he will be for a couple years. I loved living in Germany...I miss it so much,and we hope to go there again after our time here in Georgia. I believe it would be closer to the Weiden area.
    I don't think I would have the time to maintain a garden such as yours at this point in my life,especially since I have 4 children now...but it is a garden I would love to have one day. You are right about the colors that are in my garden...and in my house...they seem to match, they are darker.But I love the light colors. My house when we lived in Germany was all white woods and lighter colors,but after years of that my husband wanted something a little darker.
    Lately I have been very drawn to the blue and purple flowers, they are beautiful. I enjoy fall colors though, so I do like to have yellows and reds. Well either way if I could have a space all my own it would look like your home and garden. You do a wonderful job and looking through your photos has given me new ideas. Thanks again for stopping by, hope to hear from you again :) Rachel