Friday, September 18, 2009

Craving Fall

I am itching to get back to working on my flower beds. The one I am ok with but my newer one is becoming over grown and stuff is starting to live in it due to the dark moist conditions. Yuck! I need to take a trip to Lowes and get some fall plants, like MUMS I love mums. But I think I will wait till it gets a little cooler maybe a week or 2. I love decorating for fall and Halloween, my favorite time of year for sure! I have no idea what the kids are going to be yet for Halloween yet, Jay might be a pirate or dragon, Autumn well I just don't know what she wants to be. I am not sure what I will do for Cayla either. Ya know Jose has only ever been here for 2 Halloween's lol it's funny cause it isn't a big holiday but I think it is one of the more fun ones for the kids, wish he was here for it more. I was sitting here the other day when it was actually cool outside and I had my windows open. The smell of the air had a hint of burning wood in it, when I smell that it really takes me back home. I think of walking through the woods when the leaves are all changing and there is that crisp cool air that smells so good. Going apple picking in the orchards and to the pumpkin patches, hay rides yummy caramel apples. My moms homemade soups with fresh baked bread, Oh I love fall, and yet being here in Texas it feels nothing like fall. It is amazing how smells can bring back so many memories and vivid thoughts. Well one day I will live somewhere that has great fall weather, until then I try to recreate the feeling in my home with fall scents and decor. The picture is of my home town in the fall, I miss it!


  1. I love the fall also!!!! I so am going to get some mums. I remember how cute you made your porch in Germany. I so am going to bite your style. TN thank goodness is beautiful in the fall.(my friend took pics last year). Can't wait to see it for myself. As for Halloween ,I have some ideas as you may have guessed you will just have to see....HEEEHEEE

  2. Your too funny biting my style lol. I did love the way the house was in Germany in the fall. You are real lucky to be somewhere that has beautiful fall weather, I won't have much of it even when I move to Georgia. Can't wait to see what you do for Halloween! Hey is your house in TN?