Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been a while

Well I have not done this in forever and it is funny cause I am pretty sure that Elke is the only person I keep in touch with on this lol. I might as well just send you emails. Anyway we are doing well, Autumn is enjoying 2nd grade, she likes her teacher and has non of the same kids in her class from the years before, so she gets to start fresh. I must say I don't mind that because I did not care for a lot of the kids that were in her class the last 2 years! Jadon is keeping me company at home, he is full of energy and always helping me out around the house. He loves his baby sister and does so well around her. He had his first play date today with a friend from church, it went well. He normally doesn't like to be around people he doesn't know too well, or have them in his toys, but they played really well together. Cayla is being such a good baby. She sleeps a lot which allows me to get things done around here. She is even sleeping through most of the night( I love that)! She is 2 months now, I feel like time is going by quickly. I can't complain though cause the faster it goes by the sooner Jose will be home, yay!!! Cayla is doing new things, she makes her little noises and it really seems like she is tryingto talk to you. She holds her head up just great and I love it when she smiles real big for me :) At her last doc appointment they heard a heart murmur in her back, so she is supposed to be seen by a cardiologist to check it out. As for me I am on a mission to loose weight! I held on to 10 pounds after the baby(that always seems to happen no matter how much I gain) I had gained 30. So I have lost 8 of that 10 and my goal is to loose 32 more pounds! I know I can it's just a matter of time. It seems to average about a pound off a week, we'll see what happens. Not much else going on here. Jose should be back sometime in January, and then we get to have him home for 3 years, Oh I am so thrilled about that! We will leave for Georgia next May, fingers crossed that the house will sell by then. I will never buy again until Jose retires that is for sure! It is just too much to worry about when you need to move so often, and this economy is not any help. Ok well that is all for now, the kids are finally in bed and I am going to be quick to follow. Goodnight :)

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