Saturday, September 19, 2009

My babe

Jose on the balcony of the barracks in Iraq. Here are some Pictures of him during this deployment. Feb 08-?
Jose at the gym. Anything to stay busy and I can't complain ;) He always seems to be on the right in pictures. Jose is sitting down on the bottom right. Jose in an MRAP, he's on the right. Jose and two buddies at work, goofing off. Jose is to the far right. I am getting more and more excited as it gets closer to Jose coming home. He has been pretty fortunate this deployment because he is not out very often in dangerous situations. I think he has had enough danger to last a lifetime! His platoon is PSD for the Sgt. Major so they only go out when he wants to, and even then it is usually to a bigger post. Which means Jose and the guys are playing pool, going to the PX and doing other recreational things. It gives me peace of mind knowing he is safer and has stuff to help him pass the time. Soon he will be moving to another post that is in a more dangerous area, he says he will be out a lot more, this does not thrill me at all. However I have always found much comfort in knowing the lord is watching over him. He has been spared many times, and I continue to believe he will be again. I tell him his work here must not be done because there were too many instinces where you could have been taken, I know he is still here because the lord protected him and I feel very comforted knowing that. We are all so happy that after this he will be home for 3 years, a long awaited break!


  1. Its funny how he is on the right in pictures:)It will be awesome for you when this is over.Three years is awesome.

  2. I never saw that comment...but you are right..that's neat...never noticed it ;)